Ion Test For Negative Ion Clothing

Our negative ion meter is an essential tool for those in the business of selling negative ion clothing. Our mini ion tester may be a small device but it works well on measuring air ions and is also very useful in measuring the ions concentration of clothing and textile. This make it a great demonstration tool for those selling negative ion clothing.

While the idea of negative ions generated by clothing and absorb through the skin is great news for health. However, often you need to spend a lot of time talking to prospects to convince them of this. Isn’t it great if you could have a handy device that show your prospects that negative ions are present in abundance from the Terivon clothing? A simple ion test is far more convincing than to speak a thousand words on telling that the fabric and clothing generate negative ion.

This simple ion tester help you to improve your sales and hence profits from the sales of Terivon clothing, anion clothing. The best part is that you do not have to spend thousands of dollars on such an ion tester. For only $67, you can get your mini ion tester and be on your way to make more sales and profits.

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Ion Testing On Negative Ion Clothing

Step By Step Guide To Test Negative Ions From Negative Ions Clothing And Blanket

Step One – Turn on the power of the mini air ion meter.

Negative Ion Detector

Step Two – Stabilise the ion counter

Hold the ion counter with the rear metal piece facing the ground for about 10 seconds to stabilize the ion meter before any testing begin.

Step Three – Start The Ion Testing For The Negative Ion Clothing And Fabric

There are two methods to test the presence of negative ions on clothing, fabric and blankets.

Negative Ion Blanket Test

Both methods work on the theory that movement on the fabric create negative ions. Hence, we need to create some movement to the fabric with either one of these methods.

The First Method Of Ion Testing On Fabric And Clothing

Place the ion meter on top of the clothing and fabric to be tested. Begin your ion test by moving the ion tester from left to right (or right to left) to generate the necessary friction or movement to create the negative ions. Read the range of positive or negative ions produced by the fabric. Just gently move the ion tester will do. Do not apply too much pressure which damage the fabric. The idea is just to create movement within the fabric to generate the negative ions.

The Second Method Of Ion Test On Negative Ion Clothing

The 2nd method is to rub your finger gently on the “to be tested” area of the fabric several times and then immediately place the ion counter on the rubbed area to read the range of ions produced by the fabric. Rubbing on the negative ions clothing create the necessary movement which generate large amount of negative ions for reading. For this method, always ensure your hands and fingers are dry. A wet piece of negative ion clothing would not be able to generate negative ions. Only when the negative ion clothing or blanket is clean and dry, would it be able to generate negative ions.

Should you need to do another ion test on another piece of garment, repeat step two above to stabilize the ion counter for 10 seconds before doing the next reading.

Ion Test Results

The ion tester can test for both negative and positive ions concentration. When negative ion is being detected, the ion counter display a minus sign – in front of the reading. For example, if the reading display -667, it shows that negative ion of -667 X 104 (ion/cc) which is equal to 69,368 negative ions/cc being measured.

Ion Test For Negative Ion Clothing

The mini air ion tester can read up to 1999 which is 1999 X 104 (ion/cc) or 207,896 ion/cc. Any figure or readings higher than this, the ion meter reflect only the digit 1 or -1 for negative ions detected.

Ion Testing Range For The Mini Ion Tester: Ion test range between 1 × 104 to 1999 × 104 ions/cc

Note To Above: The mini air ion tester is not meant for very precise readings. The reading does not stop at an exact value. Rather, the mini air ion tester detect the range of negative ions present at any point of time. Ions are non visible and moving around constantly. It is not possible nor needed to capture a precise figure. The main intention for this affordable ion meter is to provide a range of the concentration of negative ions at any point of the measurement.

This handy ion counter can be your best helper in selling negative ions clothings. It can certainly be your best sales kit for increasing your sales and profits from anion clothing. You do not have to spend thousands of dollars on product demonstration ion tester. Selling at only $67, the mini air ion tester is your best helper to achieving more sales and profits. Get yours today!