Ion Meter

The mini ion meter is an affordable and easy to use ion tester for ion testing of your negative ions products. It is a extremely useful sales kit for those selling negative ions products. This ion counter is a simple way to test the presence of negative ion generated by your product.

How The Ion Meter Works

For Ion Testing Of Negative Ion Generator, Ionizer, Air Purifier And Air Con

Step 1 – Start the ion test process by switching on the power of the air ion tester.

Ion Meter

Step 2 – Stabilize the ion meter

Hold the ion counter with the rear metal piece facing the ground for about 10 seconds to stabilize the ion tester prior to ion testing.

Step 3 – Start the negative ion testing process

Ion Test

Position your thumb on the front square metal piece and make the rear metal piece face towards the ionizer to start the ion test.

This mini air ion tester can test both negative and positive ions. When negative ion is being found, the device display a “ – ” minus sign in front of the reading.

Test Range: Ion test range between 1 × 104 to 1999 × 104 ions/cc

Every unit display is approximately around 104 ions/cc. Therefore, if the reading show -967 as per above example, it means the presence of approximately -967 X 104 = -101 504 ions/cc. This figure represent a presence of approximately 101,504 cc of negative ions which means the ionizer is generating a very high concentration of anions. The concentration of negative ions in waterfalls area range between 95,000 – 450,000.

This mini air ion counter is not meant for very precise readings. The reading does not stop at an exact value. Rather, it indicates the range of negative ions present at the point of measurement. The ions present in our environment are always changing as air move and circulate around. Hence, the ion testing could not reflect static figure. Rather, it measure the range of positive and negative ions presented at any particular moment.

Ion Testing

The tester can read up to 1999. Any readings higher than this, the tester reflect just the digit 1 or -1 (for negative ion readings).

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Negative Ion Tester

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Compared to the professional ion testing kits that cost over thousands of dollars, this is the most affordable mini ion test meter that cost only $67. It is definitely the most affordable ion tester. Perfect for the end consumer performing a quick ion test on all your negative ions products. It help you to identify the products that truly generate negative ions for good health. With this mini ion meter, you can screen the genuine negative ions products from the fake ones.

This is also a must have demonstration tool for those selling negative ions products. Perform a quick ion test with this mini ion meter to show your clients or potential clients how much negative ions your products generate. You certainly do not need a device that cost over thousands of dollars. This simple one and affordable one works equally well. Hurry, get yours today!