Affordable Air Ion Tester

The mini air ion tester is the most affordable ion meter for testing the presence of negative ions and positive ions in your surrounding environment. A handy and useful ion counter for running a quick ion test to check the presence of minus ions generated from negative ion products.

Negative Ion Tester

Negative Ion Tester

Negative Ion Meter Product Specification

Ion test range between 1 × 104 to 1999 ×104 ions/cc
Resolution: 1 × 104 ions/cc
LCD Display: Max reading of 1999
Display concentration of positive and negative air ion
Check air ion generator
Run quick tests on cloth and textile for their ion’s polarity and concentration
Easy operation
LR44 button battery included
Lightweight and compact design, easy to carry around
Dimensions:78mm(L) x 27mm(W) x 9mm(H)

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Negative Ion Tester

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A Handy Marketing Tool For Those Selling Negative Ions Products

With the gaining popularity of negative ion products, the mini air ion tester make a handy marketing tool for those who are in the business of selling products that produce negative ions. Use the mini ion tester for your product demonstration to help install confident in your product. Use this mini air ion tester to do a demo for the ionizers, air con and negative ions products you are selling. This is a great sales tool to carry along for product demonstration.

Not only can you measure air ion concentration, the mini ion counter can also measure the ion’s polarity and concentration on fabric materials and clothing. This makes it a good product demonstration tool for people in the line of selling negative ion clothing.

Performing An Ion Test

Prior to buying ionizer, negative ions clothing or any other products promising to generate lots of negative ions, do a quick ion test with the air ion tester.

This affordable and handy ion tester help you to differentiate real negative ions products from the fake. It help you choose negative ion products that truly bring health benefits to you.

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